Dr. Michelle Dexter - Sexologist ~ Integrative Psychologist ~ Educator
The Healthy Sexuality Program

The Healthy Sexuality Program is for anyone who wants to enjoy happy, healthy sexuality and sexual expression.

The Healthy Sexuality Program comes in two forms:

Sexual Soothing 
Sexual Soothing is a one hour session in which you share your issues and concerns, we discuss your ideal outcomes, and I offer my insights and suggestions for how to achieve those outcomes.  

Sexual Sustenance
Sexual Sustenance is a three month (12 session) program in which we address your issues and concerns systemically and holistically.

Our first meeting will be a one hour intake session where we get to know each other better where we discuss your significant life events, health or body issues you may have, your mental and emotional states, your significant relationships, and your spirituality/finding meaning in life needs.

We will discuss your sexuality, including your sexual history, your sexual preferences, and any sexual trouble spots.  We will conclude with discussing what your ideal life would look like in order to create your personal goals for our work together.
Our sessions will be personalized and tailored to you.  We will identify any impediments that are preventing you from achieving your goals, and we will systematically fix every one of them.  This may involve transforming limiting beliefs into affirming ones, or healing traumatic situations in your past, releasing negative emotions, or releasing unconscious self sabotage patterns.  In any case, Dr. Dexter's approach is gentle but direct.

At the conclusion of each session, you may be given a personalized treatment plan to include recommendations for vitamins, supplements, herbs, and/or homeopathic remedies.  You may also be given homework assignments of reading books, watching videos, yoga, meditation, relaxation exercises, or other specific tasks.  Your homework will be uniquely tailored to your needs.
The Healthy Sexuality Program does not involve any nudity or sexual contact between us.  You may be given sexual homework assignments to complete in the privacy of your home, however. 
Issues The Healthy Sexuality Program Addresses:
Low or no sexual desire
Lack of sexual arousal
Lack of orgasm
Pain during sex
Fertility issues
Erectile difficulties
Premature ejaculation
Sex at menopause
Sex at andropause (“male menopause”)
Sex and aging
Male and female sexual anatomy
Sexual health, including breast health and genital health
Coping with chronic health problems’ impact on your sex life
Sex after surgery
Contraception/birth control options
Dating and relationships
Dating readiness
Communicating about sex with your partner and/or with your children
Sexually Transmitted Diseases/Infections (STDs/STIs)
Safer sex
Stale sex life
Accepting your body
Sexual satisfaction
Sexual guilt and shame
Sexual confidence
Sexual traumas
Sexual aversion