Dr. Michelle Dexter - Sexologist ~ Integrative Psychologist ~ Professor
Integrative Energy Psychology 
 Healers' Training

After many years, it's time to share Integrative Energy Psychology with the world!  Whether you are a layperson who wants to learn how to overcome negative emotions and transform limiting beliefs into affirming ones, or a seasoned professional who wants to help your clients resolve trauma and give them hands on skills to make therapeutic breakthroughs, this workshop series will teach you what you need to know to accurately and effectively conduct powerful integrative energy psychology sessions to remove the blocks to achieving the goals you and your clients want to achieve.

We'll explore how to use 30 science based integrative energy psychology techniques to access information held in the body via applied kinesiology muscle testing, release trapped emotions in the body, transform unconscious limiting beliefs that hold us back into affirming ones, and address childhood and adult root causes of psychological pain.

If you or your clients struggle with feeling stuck, ashamed, angry, fearful, guilty, hopeless, or any other hundreds of negative emotions, this workshop can help.  If you can't seem to create the life circumstances you want for yourself no matter how hard you try, this workshop can help.  If your relationships are not going well (including your relationship with yourself), this workshop can help.

In this training program, you'll learn

  • How to accurately use applied kinesiology muscle testing on yourself and others
  • How to complete powerful energy psychology treatment goals to effect positive change
  • How to effectively treat trauma, negative emotions, limiting beliefs and limiting identities using 30 energy psychology interventions
  • General guidelines for doing integrative energy psychology work with friends, family, yourself, and clients/patients in professional contexts
  • Business advice on how to successfully incorporate integrative energy psychology work into an existing business, or how to build an integrative energy psychology service business
  • General guidelines for doing integrative energy psychology work legally and ethically

I hope you'll join us.  Your best life is waiting! 

Zoom Webinar
6 Saturdays

Part 1: October 10
Part 2: October 17
Part 3: October 24
Part 4: October 31
Part 5: November 7
Part 6: November 14

10:00 AM-1:00 PM Pacific Daylight Savings Time

Early Bird Special until September 30: $950 
Oct. 1-10: $995

You will be emailed a recording after the event, so don't worry if you can't attend live!