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Integrative Biofield Healing Arts™ Training

It's time to share Integrative Biofield Healing Arts™ (IBHA) with the world! Whether you are a layperson who wants to learn how to overcome negative emotions and transform limiting beliefs into affirming ones, or a seasoned professional who wants to help your clients resolve trauma and give them hands-on skills to make therapeutic breakthroughs, this experiential training series will teach you what you need to know to accurately and effectively conduct powerful integrative energy psychology sessions to remove the blocks to achieving the goals you and your clients want to achieve.

We'll explore how to use 50+ science-based integrative energy psychology techniques to access information held in the body via applied kinesiology muscle testing, release trapped emotions in the body, transform unconscious limiting beliefs that hold us back into affirming ones, and address childhood and adult root causes of psychological pain.

If you or your clients struggle with feeling stuck, ashamed, angry, fearful, guilty, hopeless, or any other hundreds of negative emotions, this training series can help. If you can't seem to create the life circumstances you want for yourself no matter how hard you try, this training series can help. If your relationships are not going well (including your relationship with yourself), this training series can help.

In this training program, you'll learn

  • How to accurately use applied kinesiology muscle testing on yourself and others
  • How to complete powerful energy psychology treatment goals to effect positive change
  • How to effectively treat trauma, negative emotions, limiting beliefs and limiting identities using over 50 energy psychology interventions
  • General guidelines for doing integrative energy psychology work with friends, family, yourself, and clients/patients in professional contexts
  • Business advice on how to successfully incorporate integrative energy psychology work into an existing business, or how to build an integrative energy psychology service business
  • General guidelines for doing integrative energy psychology work legally and ethically

I hope you'll join us. Your best life is waiting!

Hybrid Zoom/In Person Workshops

Bamboo Garden Wellness Center 

162 S. Rancho Santa Fe Rd.

Suite A-30

Encinitas, CA 92024

Prerequisite: Muscle Testing Made Easy-TBA-(Private training sessions are available)

This workshop covers:

  • The science of applied kinesiology muscle testing
  • How to accurately muscle test yourself and others
  • Instruction on multiple methods of muscle testing
  • Troubleshooting when things don't go as expected
  • What/when muscle testing should and should not be used

Module 1: Foundations of Integrative Energy Psychology, Trauma, and Trapped Emotions-Saturday, April 29-Sunday, April 30, 2023 10 AM-6 PM Pacific Time

This workshop covers:

  • What the biofield is, and how it relates torsion fields, chakras, chi, meridians, and subtle and causal energies
  • An introduction to the science of energy psychology
  • Practicing energy psychology interventions based on original research
  • Resolve trauma for yourself and others, i.e., feel more peace about traumatic circumstances
  • Resolve trapped emotions held in the body
  • Eliminate limiting beliefs and transform them into affirming beliefs
  • Eliminate limiting identities and limiting decisions and transform them into affirming identities and decisions
  • Clear up remaining fears induced by trauma
  • How to offer trauma informed treatment
  • Business advice on how to offer IBHA™ legally and ethically

Module 2: Traumatic Brain Injuries and Healing the Nervous System-TBA

This workshop covers: 

  • Healing specific brain and nervous system dysfunctions
  • Upgrade the functioning of the brain and nervous system
  • Healing psychosomatic illnesses/somatic disorders
  • Recreate/Rebuild old circumstances into desired circumstances
  • Transform fear to power
  • Integration of body, mind, and soul
  • Specific meridian and chakra based interventions based on original research

Module 3: Behavior Change and DNA-TBA

This workshop covers:

  • Changing undesirable behaviors into desired behaviors 
  • Rebirthing to create desired change
  • Finishing life lessons
  • Releasing old beliefs/worldviews that are no longer of service
  • Karma cleanup
  • Improving epigenetics and DNA functioning
  • Accessing inner guidance system

Module 4: Cosmic and Causal Energies-TBA

This workshop covers:

  • Making soul contract changes
  • Healing from Emotionally Immature Parents
  • Spiritual Optimization
  • Working with high vibrations/frequencies, Ascended Masters, Cosmic Masters, Earth and Intergalactic Councils
  • Using the Soul Hospital

Module 5: Mass Pollution Patterns-TBA

This workshop covers:

  • Getting free from ugly human dramas, especially those that keep us stuck, miserable, and unable to achieve our highest potentials
  • Template Level Reality Creation to create that which we desire
  • Spiritual safety protocols

Postgraduate: Healthy Sexuality-TBA

This workshop covers:

  • Original research on what healthy sexuality is and how to achieve it
  • Sexual energy clean up after a break-up
  • Exploring the consciousness of human sexuality

Tuition: $995 USD for each module

Each module is offered as a hybrid online (Zoom) and in person training at Bamboo Garden Wellness Center.  As this is an experiential training, you must attend live.  You will be emailed a recording after the event regardless of where you attend.

In person attendees will be provided snacks, coffee, tea, and water.  A full kitchen is available on site, and there are three restaurants withing walking distance.

CE Units are available.

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