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"Dr. Dexter gets results and she is a joy to work with! She combines her intelligence and intuition with a wonderful sense of humor. She knows when to push me and when to gently hold a compassionate space. Her open nature and commitment to not taking herself too seriously adds a wonderful sense of ease that allows me to laugh at myself even when I am tackling some pretty serious topics. It is rare to find someone so smart and knowledgeable that is also so approachable and easy to talk with. Dr. Dexter is also very efficient. She wants to get results and she does not want to waste any time doing so. She works quickly, pulling from her extensive experience to move the session along at a comfortable, yet effective pace. If you are looking for a person who truly cares about her clients, is super knowledgeable about everything Energy Psychology, and gets results fast, then you have found the right Psychologist in Dr. Dexter."

-D.F., Business Consultant

"Dr. Michelle Dexter is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in therapy for relationship and sex-related problems. Through her therapy, my erectile dysfunction is now resolved and healed! In addition, I have personally experienced healing in areas of childhood traumas and many traumas improving my relationships in general. Her genuine passion for healing and caring for her patients is quite evident."


" Dr. Michelle Dexter is extremely knowledgeable on relationships and sex related problems. I have heard her talk on sex with wit and humor. She never is crude or demeaning to anyone so even older children can listen to her talks. I have seen her talk in person, and on the internet on a radio blog a couple of times. Again with wit and humor. I highly recommend Dr. Dexter for coaching on relationship and sex problems."

-Dr. Alan Blum, Chiropractor

"Dr. Dexter is amazing. I feel comfortable around her, no matter what I have to discuss. I always feel better after a session and leave looking forward to the next one."

-S. P., Manager

“As my business takes off, I am so grateful to Dr. Dexter for supporting me on this journey to have joy in the process instead of struggle.”

- Jen Hamilton, Entrepreneur

“Michelle is truly a gift to the coaching world. Her deep insight and perception have been invaluable to me during our sessions. As a masterful coach, Michelle has helped me see more clearly and quickly. She has a pure heart and has an extremely valuable contribution to make each life that she touches.”

- Christy Callahan-Shearer, Prenatal Coach

“I've been fortunate to attend one of your workshops (“Let's Talk About Sex”). It was very informational.”

- Fernando Rico, Student

“Michelle's insightful coaching helped me to look at myself in new ways and prepare to embrace a new career. She also helped me as I continued to navigate and change long standing patterns in my interpersonal relationships and has helped me to achieve more authenticity and satisfaction in this area.”

- Marian Jennifer Hart, ESL Teacher

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